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Our Partners

Kennet Bioservices Ltd has strategic partnerships with a number of companies.
Through these partnerships KBL can offer services covering the entire field of pharmaceutical activities.
For each project the most suitable team of experts is assembled and managed by a Project Leader. The project leader provides a single point of contact and is responsible for the quality and efficiency of communications and progress in the execution of the project.

CoAcS has two closely linked divisions. Software for Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare Applications and Pharmaceutical Consulting Services.
KBL has worked with CoAcS in Dubai (Pharmacare FZE), Bangladesh (Square), India (Shreya Life Sciences) and in Sudan to develop companies to meet MHRA GMP requirements.

KBL has had a strategic alliance with DrenFarma in Serbia for five years and works with DrenFarma on a number of projects as Serbia moves to compliance with EU pharmaceutical law

Based in Amman Jordan, IPRC has world class facilities for Clinical Service, Bioanalytical Services, data management and Quality Assurance.
Headed by Professor Najib, IPRC participates in the field stability of pharmaceutical dosage forms, dry experiment interactions, polymorphic transformations and development, refinement and analysis of pharmaceutical dosage forms.
Scitech Engineering
Whether you’re looking to design and build a robotic modular research laboratory, setting up a cell culture facility or refurbishing an existing building to produce cytotoxic parenterals, Scitech is the company to talk to.  With an enviable track record in providing premium-quality professional services exclusively to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, consumer health care and other life-science and technology industries.

Zeta Laboratories
Based in Watford UK, Zeta Laboratories provides pharmaceutical clinical analysis. A well equipped laboratory and highly professional staff, including a number of QP’s, provides the basis for world class contract testing services.
KBL welcomes enquiries from companies in associated industries. Contact